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Medallion Management, Inc.

Medallion Management, Inc. began in 1973 as a solution to the problems of safeguarding developments owned by our original shareholders. Since then Medallion has expanded the scope of company services to provide professional management expertise to other privately owned and investor held communities.

As a professional property management company we now have over thirty-four years of experience in developing and managing residential communities throughout Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Our first hand experience as developers has contributed greatly to the successes we have achieved and the reputation we have gained as a respected management firm.

Medallion Management, Inc. takes special care to provide an environment which meets the highest expectations in administration, maintenance and aesthetic appeal. A uniquely talented and attentive team of specialists have been professionally trained to create quality lifestyles for our residents while providing efficient, reliable management of our communities.

Our business has grown over the years and now includes over 94 communities providing rental homes for approximately 6,400 families and individuals throughout Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. Our portfolio of business opportunities now takes the company to a regional basis.

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Community Health Directions is a resource healthcare provider group focused on Senior, Disabled and Multifamily healthcare. Community Health Directions provides medical staff on site to many of the senior properties to assist residents with remaining as independent and healthy as possible.

Community Health Directions provides residents with information and the coordination of *varied on site health care services, *private duty home care, *skilled care services, *community services, *health education topics, *physician referrals, *well checks, *hospital follow up, *fall prevention assessments, *resident social activities, *medical billing questions & much more.